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St Martin’s – Born in Leicester

As a young family business we set up our first speciality coffee shop in 2010 and managed to buy a small roasting machine with the intention of roasting enough coffee for the shop to sell and serve. We fell in love with producing coffee. We’ve continually developed our offering, and have employed great people who care about delivering excellence; subsequently the roastery and coffee shop have become a community hub in Leicester, where people meet, exchange ideas and learn.We’re ever so proud
of this and couldn’t have imagined how things have turned out. Today the roastery sends sweet smelling packages cheap jerseys from China to coffee shops all over the UK, trains and educates baristas, teaches school kids the value of positive trading relationships, and installs cheap jerseys sparkling new espresso machines around the country as new stories begin. The speciality coffee industry can be intimidating, snobbish and elitist. Well, that’s just not us.



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