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About Us

Who are St Martin's?

Our relationship with specialty coffee formally started in 2010. Back then it was difficult to get a decent coffee, certainly in our case without jumping on a train and travelling for miles.  Train tickets were just as expensive back then as they are today, so there was nothing for it - we started to roast.  A few weeks later we opened our first coffee shop, roasting our own.  We learned a lot and made a fair few errors along the way!  But it was a magical.

Use our Experience to your Advantage

Over the years we've learned so much about business, relationships, coffee and running coffee shops, helping others succeed and today we don't just exist to supply coffee and equipment, no sir.  We use all this knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to help guide our customers in all aspects of their business.  From early conversations of concepts to fair deals on rent, through to EPOS selection and business processes - there isn't much we haven't encountered and we're always happy to share and offer guidance.

Centrally Based for Nationwide Service

The discovery of Richard III in a car park, Leicester City FC winning the premiership, over the last few years Leicester has grabbed the headlines globally not to mention Richard & David Attenborough, Walkers Crisps, Gary Lineker, Kasabian..... As Leicestonians it's important to us to roast our coffee in the city centre, once a hive of manufacturing output exporting to the world.  Leicester is a great place for us to operate from, being centrally located means it's straightforward for us to help customers nationwide.

Ethics & Quality

St Martin's were the first specialty coffee roasters to open in Leicester dedicated to sourcing coffees of the highest quality from producers globally.  We are proud of our quality focus and our policy to buy only the best Arabica coffee from producers who treat their environment and people with respect and fairness.  We look for coffees with character, complex flavour profiles and consistency.  We roast in small batches to control the development of the coffee during the process enabling the true flavour profile of the coffee to be enjoyed.

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