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Barista Training

The fact is that customers will always return to a café if the people making the coffee are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do.   This starts with the leader!  

We’ve never come across a really successful coffee business who’s leader was not knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and their store.   A lack of these attributes is easy to spot and simply customers will go elsewhere.   Put simply successful coffee businesses are led by knowledgeable and passionate coffee people.  

Training vs Loyalty

In our experience the more training staff receive the more loyal they are to a business.  It’s always obvious for customers to spot well trained, knowledgeable staff and this has an incredible impact on your success. 

Training is FREE

Of course training for our wholesale coffee partners is free, not just the first session, but every session.  We work with you to make your coffee the best it can be.  

You're not a wholesale partner? We can still train you, get in touch for a quote.

Where does it take place?

Training takes place at either your place  or at our roastery.  Training a barista from scratch to a high standard can take months.  But we have to start somewhere and the beginning is the best place in our opinion….

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