Our Experience


  • We're coffee roasters, supplying talented businesses across the UK. 

  • We're experienced and successful coffee shop operators and have developed single sites to achieve £1M + sales.

  • We're here to help, advise and be the sounding board for your ideas.

Beautiful Coffee, Expertly Roasted

  • Our roasters, Shane & Conrad produce consistent, great tasting coffee at our Friday Street Roastery.

  • Our coffee is sourced directly from the farms at origin.

  • We use a combination of traditional equipment and the latest technology to develop the best flavours a coffee can offer. 

Friendly & Helpful


  • What ever your circumstances and level of experience in the coffee industry, we're here to guide you.

  • We're conscious that the coffee industry can come across as 'hip', elitist and bursting with jargon.  We have a non-judgemental and jargon-free approach to our work.  

Our Coffee

Friday Street 

Named after the road which is home to our roastery, Friday Street is our latest signature espresso blend. Combining 15 years of roasting, Andy, Shane and Ole collaborated to develop what is quickly becoming our best-selling blend. Friday Street boasts a strong, nutty Brazilian base and bright, citrus acidity from Rwanda. This balanced coffee was very well received when we launched it at the London Coffee Festival 2017.


A Brazilian and Colombian blend, Intrepid was our first signature blend and still proves for coffee novices and connoisseurs alike.. This easy drinking blend is well balanced between the dark chocolate notes from Colombia and the red fruit sweetness from Brazil.


With a rich palette coating body and toffee sweetness, the washed Colombian Huilas  is well complimented by the vibrant acidity of the washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  Best served as an espresso based drink but makes an excellent filter coffee.  Rich, toffee sweetness combined with clean berry and lemon acidity .

Swiss Water Decaf

Tired of bland, poor quality, chemically prepared decaf coffee? So are we!  Our decaf is processed by using the swiss water process method, a 100% chemical free process. The bean’s natural flavours and characteristics remain, whilst all caffeine is removed.  Dark chocolate notes and creamy body .


We can create a signature coffee blend for your business.  If you are looking for something unique or have a special attachment to a particular coffee growing region, we can work with you.  If you are a business that is or will be brewing mid to high volumes of coffee we will collaborate with you to produce something just for you.  

Retail Package

All our coffees are available as retail ready packs in 250g valved and sealed pouches.  It's great to sell what you serve and the repeat custom is helpful for the till ring! 

Friday Street, Intrepid, Magpie and Decaf are always available and so to are our evolving list of seasonal origins. 

Seasonal Origins

We always source and roast a revolving door of single origin varieties, balanced with rarities from across the coffee growing world.  Super to give customers something different and to add interest by featuring guest retail coffees.  These change often so ask us about the current roast list.

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