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Essential Ingredients

Ok, so we've got Coffee and Tea covered, but what about everything else. To help you keep suppliers to a minimum we also supply a range of other hot drink products, hot chocolates, chai lattes, flavoured syrups, real curled chocolate toppings and the list goes on.


To discover all these products call us on 0116 251 2879 (option 1) and speak to Andy or Shane. 


Based in Bristol, Sweetbird are all about getting creative with ingredients and flavours so you can make drinks that look and taste fantastic every time. 

With over 50 syrup flavours, Frappes, Smoothies and Purees, you'll be able to let your creativity run wild.

For prices get in touch.


Zuma have been making hot chocolates for more than 15 years and chances are you've probably had one.  Zuma hot chocolates include white, dark, double, thick, original, organic, direct, Fairtrade and Chai.

For our full tea bag list, samples and prices get in touch.

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