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Our range of grinders

Behind all great espresso shots is a quality commercial coffee grinder. Often overlooked, a good quality grinder is as important as the espresso machine. Call us for the best deal.

Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinder image

Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinder


The Mythos One provides a controlled amount of heat to the burr chamber, meaning it can be brought up to operating temperature quickly and held there throughout the day to the demands of a busy cafe. Add to this the unique Clump Crusher system which helps to provide fluffier grinds, and what you have is an incredibly accurate espresso grinder capable of providing consistent dosing and minimal wastage.

This is the grinder we use in our own busy city centre cafe, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to any other busy specialty venue.

£1945 + VAT

Mahlkonig Vario Home  Grinder image

Mahlkonig Vario Home Grinder


A top little grinder for home and commonly used in coffee shops for grinding guest coffees (very low volume). Has ceramic burrs, which are very long life and will grind at 1.6g per second. The vario has 2 sliders for changing the grind level a macro and micro for smaller changes. This is an on-demand grinder so you can program the grinding time to exactly the desired amount.  Hopper size 220g. 13amp.

£340 + VAT

Mahlkonig K30 ES image

Mahlkonig K30 ES


£1500 + VAT

Mahlkonig K30 Twin Grinder image

Mahlkonig K30 Twin Grinder


This is such alot of grinder.  So the hoppers on he K30 twin are smaller that the regular K30 at 750g per hopper.  We love this because it enables you to have a guest coffee or decaf in a convenient place.  Just the the single hopper K30, it’s marvelous.  13amp.

£2745 + VAT

Mahlkonig Guatemala Filter Grinder image

Mahlkonig Guatemala Filter Grinder

Bulk Grinding

The Guatemala is a beast of a grinder. It allows you to clamp a bag onto the spout and hand-free grind away.  This is intended for higher volume grinding applications and allowing you to set your grind level from course to fine. The grinder vibrates during the grinding ensuring the bags fills up neatly, which is handy. 13amp

£1641 + VAT

Mahlkonig Tanzania Deli Grinder image

Mahlkonig Tanzania Deli Grinder

Deli Grinding

The Tanzania is a lighter use bulk grinder for grinding coffee directly into a bag.  You can clamp a bag onto the machine for hands-free grinding along with a vibrating part to ensure smooth packing of the ground coffee into the bag.  Proper retail grinder, modern looks, Malhkonig quality. 13amp.

£1400 + VAT

Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder image

Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder

Bulk Grinding

The EK43 is an exceptionally powerful deli/bulk grinder.  You can clamp the bag to the machine for hand-free grinding and has a 1.5kg hopper capacity.  Grinds for very fine to very course simply by twisting the dial.

£2110 + VAT

La Spaziale Astro 12 On Demand Grinder image

La Spaziale Astro 12 On Demand Grinder


The Astro 12 on-demand allows you to program the precise grinding time per shot. It’s simple to program and to change the grind setting and it very consistent and quiet. It’s a very good grinder and a popular choice.

£1050 + VAT

La Spaziale Astro 12 Manual Grinder image

La Spaziale Astro 12 Manual Grinder


A robust medium-use grinder by La Spaziale. 1400 RPM motor gives a steady grinding performance.  Large hopper capacity at 1.6KG.  13 amp.

£590 + VAT

La Spaziale Astro 8 Manual Grinder image

La Spaziale Astro 8 Manual Grinder


Solid manual grinder, the Astro 8 will last for ages. It has a slow 900 rpm motor to reduce heat and the adverse over heating of the coffee prior to brewing.  Good size 1.6kg hopper, make this avery happy in busy environments.

£628 + VAT

Anfim Caimano C-220 Manual Grinder image

Anfim Caimano C-220 Manual Grinder


Anfim grinders are built to last.  The caimano has a high torque 800 RPM motor ensure low heat transfer to your beans.  A very large 2kg bean hopper make this a good value proposition for mid to high volume outlets.

£485 + VAT

Anfim Super Caimano C-220 Manual Grinder image

Anfim Super Caimano C-220 Manual Grinder


The super caimano has a 90 step collar adjustment to add greater precision to your grinding. It also has a 800 RPM motor to reduce heat transfer to the beans, which is good. With a 2 kg hopper this is a great manual grinder for busy environments, very keenly priced.

£639 + VAT

Anfim Super Caimano On Demand Display Grinder image

Anfim Super Caimano On Demand Display Grinder


This is a very good, modestly priced on-demand grinder.  It has a high torque 800 RPM motor minimising heat transfer to the beans and a 2 kg hopper capacity.  You are able to program the electronically controlled grind dosing in 0.1 second increments.  This is a very good on-demand option and will provide great consistency at a low price point.

£940 + VAT

La Marzocco Vulcano On Demand Grinder image

La Marzocco Vulcano On Demand Grinder

On Demand

The Vulcano on demand is the result of a collaboration between La Marzocco and Mazzer.  It features a very high torque motor with a 500 RPM motor to absolutely minimise high transfer to the beans. A reasonable 1.3 kg hopper cappacity and the ability to program the volume of the dose providing very consistent results.  This is high-end stuff and hence a price point to match.

£1850+ VAT

La Marzocco Vulcano Swift Grinder image

La Marzocco Vulcano Swift Grinder


This is unusual. With the swift you are able to program the volume of coffee that is dosed and the pressure level of the tamp in one machine.  This optimises consistency and it particularly useful in busy environments with ever changing staff.  For maximum process control and leading technology, this is the one for you.

£2525 + VAT

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