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How to choose a great coffee roasting partner

Coffee shops are becoming more common than convenience stores. At this point, you can find one on every corner around town. As such, chances are that you’ve probably thought about joining the trend and starting one of your own. Thanks to the ease of putting up a coffee shop, there’s no doubt that more entrepreneurs are choosing to do so instead of focusing on other businesses or franchises.

When you put up a coffee shop, you have to keep track of many details, each of which plays a significant part in ensuring that your shop can deliver quality products and services. However, one of the most important details you’ll have to deal with is the flavour of your coffee.

“Let me try your coffee and I’ll tell you if you’ll succeed.”

Even if you outfit your coffee shop with gadgets and features to distract your customers, if your coffee sucks, it’s best to expect that word will travel fast. You’ll have to close shop sooner or later if you don’t make any crucial changes to the taste of your products.

However, as easy as “fixing” the flavour of your coffee sounds, it’s important to understand that there’s a lot that goes into how your coffee tastes. But none of those things are more important than the manner in which you roast your beans. The main reason behind the satisfaction that a coffee shop’s customers feel is how the shop roasts their beans. That process gives a coffee shop’s drinks a distinct flavour that keeps their customers coming back for more.

Compared to other kinds of marketing you can do to attract customers and keep sales high, no strategy can beat the publicity that serving great-tasting coffee brings. When people find out that your coffee shop roasts its beans in a way that enables you to make delicious coffee, they will flock to you. That said, while ensuring that you employ the right roasting style is one thing you need to worry about, finding the right coffee roaster is another.

How to choose the best coffee roaster for your business

Just like other important business decisions, the process of selecting a coffee roaster can be quite difficult without the right information. Choosing the wrong one can lead to decreased sales and lower quality. When buying a coffee roaster for your shop, here are some of the things that you’ll have to consider:

Brand recognition – will your regular customer identify with the coffee you’re serving?

Is it local? – In most cases, your customers will prefer local beans, so it’s important to choose an established local coffee roaster to hit the right aspects while increasing your sales.

Do they offer any kind of free training or equipment? - Most coffee roasters, both big and small, usually offer training for your establishment’s baristas, which will be helpful in ensuring that your shop can put out quality cups of coffee consistently.

Do they allow you to sell other types of coffee as well? - The freedom to sell and market other types of coffee is important when you’re running a coffee shop, so make sure to read the contract that you’ll be signing carefully.

How significant are their wholesale discounts?

Will they provide free delivery?

Can you get along with your coffee roaster and work with them properly?

Do you actually like their coffee? - Although this factor might be overlooked at times in the pursuit of finding an affordable, good quality roaster, it’s important that you actually like their products in the first place before selling them yourself.

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your list of prospective coffee roasters, take all the time that you need to choose one by sampling their products. Although you’ll end up going with just one, try to maintain good relationships with the other roasters in your area as a contingency plan should something go wrong with the roaster you chose.

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