In an area with a reputation for excellence, Kiremaa Washing Station more than lives up to it's expected quality. They have placed in Cup of Excellence previously, and in 2019 gaining a place in the top ten. 


Kirema washing station follows a model similar to many – whilst some farmers can bring their coffee directly to the washing station, many rely on regional collection centres, placed to enable quick access to fresh coffee and then transport it to the washing station within a set time. This allows farmers to conveniently sell their coffee for a fair price, whilst also allowing for traceability to the end consumer. Maintaining lot separation and traceability to ensure correct payment happily lends itself to microlot production and Kirema has excelled at that too.


Full of deep berry fruitiness, aided by sweet chocolate undertones, this particular coffee is a great example of a low acidity East African coffee, whilst still providing the fruitiness many look for in coffees such as these!

Kiremaa, Burundi

Beans Or Ground
  • Flavour : Blackberry, Cranberry, Chocolate

  • Altitude :           1800 masl

    SCA Score :        86

    Processing :      Washed

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