El Molinito coffee comes from El Molino farm, one of the most important and significant estates that sits amongst the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range. This volcanic range runs through the Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, and Sonsonate departments in the West of El Salvador, and is where many of the Cup of Excellence producing farms in the country are located. There are four volcanoes that occur within this range of mountains, with Santa Ana being the more dominant.


El Molinito is a diminutive of the farm name, El Molino, and is a selection from the most productive trees on the farm. They were chosen for this project due to the  ripeness of the cherries, allowing for precise control and processing. The importance of selective picking and attention to detail have very much become a hallmark of the culture and success of the farm, which was inherited by current owners Jose Antonio Jr and Antonio Salaverria in 2011. 


Expect a perfectly balanced cup, with the sticky sweetness of the maple syrup and raisin notes complemented by the acidity of the cherry.

El Molinito, El Salvador

  • Flavour : Cherry, Maple Syrup, Raisin

  • Altitude :           1800 masl

    SCA Score :        84

    Processing :     Washed