Friday Street is our single origin house espresso, designed to be suitable across a range of brewing methods. This coffee has balanced chocolate, honey, caramel and stone fruit notes with good body and delicate sweetness.


Friday Street is named after the street our first roastery was located on. From the first time we visited, we thought being on Friday Street will always be better than Monday Street!

Friday Street is comprised very well presented Yellow Bourbon varietal from Fazenda Serra Negra farm in Patrinio City, Cerrado Mineiro. The farm is situated on an incredible plateau has an average altitude of ~ 1,100masl bringing with it it’s own microclimate that provides brilliant growing conditions. The producer, Orlando Nakao, places high value on sustainable practices as well as quality. Fazenda Serra Negra works tirelessly to ensure the conservation of local flora and fauna as well as being Rain Forest Alliance certified and 4C verified. Expect the characteristic notes of Chocolate, Honey, Caramel and Stone Fruit with a good body and delicate sweetness.  

Friday Street