Costa Rica is rightfully renowned as one of worlds best coffee producing countries. Tarrazú is one of Costa Rica’s most well-known regions, famed for producing excellent quality coffees, the result of favourable soil conditions, high altitudes and specialist processing techniques.


This coffee is processed by Coope Dota in Tarrazú. Established in 1960, they now represent around 900 small growers in the region and hold the title as the first coffee processor in the world to be certified as carbon neutral, back in 2011. Prior to the cooperatives' arrival, coffee farming in the area was difficult. 


Since the cooperatives' establishment, these producers have had a local location to process their coffee and have been educated in soil management and crop production, resulting in higher-quality coffee and fair prices for the producers. The cooperative have also invested a lot into the local infrastructure, providing significantly better facilities for local farmers.


This coffee is full of creamy caramel sweetness, complemented by bright raspberry acidity.

Hermosa, Costa Rica

  • Flavour : Caramel, Creamy, Raspberry

  • Altitude :           1800 masl

    SCA Score :        84

    Processing :      Washed