Opening a business and going it alone takes courage, energy and hard work.  This course packs in 10 years of operating my own coffee business and helping a huge amount of independent business owners establish theirs, into a few hours.  It's a competitve market place for a good reason - the UK loves coffee and it really loves to support independent operators.  This really popular course guides you through the knitty gritty delivered by me, Andy Hall.


Who is the course for?  This is for anyone, regardless of your background.  Ideally you should have made some moves along the road to opening your first shop or outlet.  


How many people attend the course?  Just you (plus your business partner/wife/husband, whoever the owners are upto a maximum of three participants).  I do it that way so we can focus the entire content on your business.  We can get some real detail done!


What will I learn?  You will leave with structure to your business ideas and a real purpose to your business plan.  You will take away the financial structures that will enable you to understand how your business will make a profit.  You will takeaway the key management controls that you need to implement that will help you stay more in control.  You will also make a new contact, me, who understands the journey you're making.  We'll also spend some time making coffee!


Where does the course take place?  At our Roastery in Leicester.  Leicester is pretty close to...everywhere really, slap bang in the middle of the country. 


Is lunch provided? Yes, I get hungry. 


What are the topics covered?  1. Place, location, size, leases, costs etc, 2. Promotion, how to attract customers, retain customers, build a fan base, 3. Process, how the business needs to work. 4. People, recruiting them, retaining and building culture. 5. Profit, confronting the numbers, an area most people don't want to go - not even Batman.   Oh, and we'll start you making coffee.


How do I book?  Our courses run on Thursday's & Friday's, typically from 10am finishing around 2:30pm.  We do run courses on Saturday's subject to availability.

 - Book a date by calling us on 0116 251 2490 or email

- Once you're booked in you can pay the course fee online.  

How to open a Coffee Shop Business Course

  • Please contact us to book this course.  You can call us on 0116 251 2490 or email

    Courses are held weekly on Thursday, Friday & Saturday's subject to availability.