A single estate Brazilian coffee, Intrepid was our first signature espresso and still pleases coffee novices and connoisseurs alike. This easy drinking espresso is well balanced between dark chocolate notes and natural fruity sweetness.


Intrepid was the first coffee we ever sold to our wholesale customers, way back in 2012! Intrepid by name and nature, we couldn't find a coffee that we wanted to serve at the time in our own cafe, therefore we decided to roast one ourselves.

Intrepid is comprised of a single estate Brazilian bean from Fazenda Congonhas, Cerrado Mineiro. The farm is managed by Lázaro Ribeiro de Oliveira and his son, Gustavo. The family are renowned in the region for their passion and perfectionism and have recently invested more time into improving quality and experimenting with new processing techniques. Proudly, the farm has received a number of awards in recent years including the Certifica Minas and Rainforest Alliance certification. This coffee has been processed using the semi washed technique, resulting in distinct notes of classic chocolate and cherry flavours.

Intrepid has come a long way in the interim years, whilst retaining its core characteristics, a coffee that can enjoyed by all.