This has a Powerful body, with herbal notes of tobacco, spice, pepper and chocolate. Ideally used for espresso this thick, rich coffee stands up great with milk or as an espresso with the strong rich tones transfering well into filter and pourover aswell. 


Established in 1865 Allana exports over a million metric tonnes of coffee, meat, fruit, vegetables and spices. They have been awarded a very rare recognition by the Indian Ministry of Commerce, that of Premier Trading House. Allana Group is the third largest exporter of coffee in India. In 1982, Allana first entered into exporting coffee and initially set up its coffee division office in Bangalore, in the State of Karnataka (where 70% of Indian coffee is grown). In 1992, Allansonsons set up its own coffee curing (monsooning) site, located at Hassan in Karnataka this led to significant expansion and modernisation within the coffee division. Allanasons also monsoon their coffee in the coastal city of Mangalore using the warm sea winds to dry the coffee in a traditional but controlled manner.


It was a collaboration between DR Wakefield and Allanasons that caused Indian Tiger Stripes coffee to be invented around 2007. The reason for the name Tiger Stripe is because of the thick banded crema produced when the coffee is extracted on an espresso machine. During the cupping, the comment was jokingly made that the crema resembled the stripes of a tiger, and the name stuck.

Tiger Stripes, India

  • Flavour :            Powerful body, with herbal notes of tobacco, spice, pepper and chocolate

  • Altitude :          900 masl

    SCA Score :        82

    Processing :      Washed

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