This is a coffee with a story better than it's flavour, which is a hard thing to achieve!


Tizita Bizuneh manages the Bulesa Washing Station in Sidamo, an area famous for the quality of its coffee. The Bulessa Washing Station is managed solely by women and processes coffee from 400 majority female smallholders in the region. Tizita started this project with the aim to empower women working in coffee from production to management of the station, and has evolved into educational support for children in the community, private healthcare and coffee and quality workshops. This project also includes a registration program for farmers: with all of them having membership numbers to keep a record of improvements and relationships.


We’re proud to roast and supply this coffee, and we look forward to seeing the work Tizita and others do in the future.

Women's Washed, Ethiopia

  • Flavour : Apricot, Lime, Caramel

  • Altitude :           1700 masl

    SCA Score :        86

    Processing :      Washed