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Training and Education

Thorough barista training is the first step on the journey to making great coffee.  Our training room at the roastery enables us to teach the detail that's needed to pull great shots and steam perfect milk.  Visiting the roastery brings you closer to the coffee and what we do, harnessing enthusiasm and knowledge.

Starting a Coffee Shop? icon

Starting a Coffee Shop?

Exciting and terrifying! Our help goes well beyond coffee beans, tea leaves and espresso machines. We have our own busy, beautiful coffee house and restaurant with a large supplier list and many years of combined experience of coffee and hospitality. We share this instinctively, anything we can do to help, we always will.

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Staff training

We work with all kinds of businesses to improve their coffee standards. The common feature amongst our customers is a genuine desire to serve an excellent cup every time. Managing people and consistency is definitely the biggest challenge here at St Martin's Coffee Shop. Introducing a third party shows you are serious and does inspire people to learn and improve. Contact us for a quote

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Barista Training

Nothing will get your future customers coming back time after time like truly excellent coffee. This intense session includes the essentials of making a great espresso, milk work and pouring technique.  It's also important to know the recipe for each drink, which cup to use and how it should be presented and how to look after your equipment.

Workshop: Opening a Coffee Shop

Led by our founder, Andy Hall, this workshop is intended to assist people who are on the journey, regardless of stage. The session can cover; concept, business planning, location, money, products, menu, people & technology. Contact us for dates

Coffee Training Videos

Of course our training is done in person, but we also provide full access to our customers to our full length, step by step, training films

Our range of espresso machines

With espresso machines to suit all budgets, a great range of grinders and very competitive bundle deals for everything you'll need, if you need advice on where to go with equipment, give us a call and we'll give you our opinion


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